Carenly Curated: Danielle Krysa

Welcome to Carenly Curated! A mini series within my Thoughts from the Studio blog that will highlight other amazing artists! As a firm believer in community over competition & artists supporting artists, what better way that to demonstrate that then by spotlighting fellow artists whose work I love!

“yeah, she didn’t need to ask her dog – dorothy was
absolutely sure she wasn’t in kansas anymore.” by Danielle Krysa;
used with permission


For this artist spotlight, I would like to introduce you to the work of Danielle Krysa. Danielle is a collage artist from Canada. She combines blobs of paint with found images and creates fun, hilariously titled works of art.


“summer in the city and liz was rockin her inner carrie bradshaw like it was her job.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission


 I've heard some podcast interviews where Danielle has described her process. It starts with her collection of found images. She scavenges thrift shops for old used books, magazines, etc that she then will cut her found images from. Some days in the studio are spent just cutting images to save and us for future collages. 

“oh yes, jerry would try a little bit of everything before this night was through.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission
When she is ready to create the collage, she will sit down and paint some swashes of color on her surface, being paper or panel. She then plays
around with her bits of found images to find the perfect composition. 
“they had pinky sworn, ‘what happens on the island stays on the island’, but everyone knew viv would blow it.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission
Danielle has said that she knows she has it right when the title pops in to her head. When the right pairing of found images and swashes or blobs of paint create a little story that becomes her title. 
“another saturday night, and without fail, margot left it ALL on the dance floor.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission
And while I truly love the use of (often vintage) found images and pops of color, it is often the hilarious titles that really makes it all come together!
“while horrified by this filthy pedestrian goo, liz secretly wondered if ‘very berry bubble’ was as delicious as it sounded.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission.
One of her favorite subjects is the Queen, who often shows up in collages where Danielle imagines the trouble the Queen would have in finding bubble gum throughout the palace. 
“knocked down and labeled ‘the uncreative sister’, ingrid called bullsh*t and got back on the GD horse.” by Danielle Krysa, used with permission
Her titles point you to just the a part of a little story, leaving you the viewer imagining yourself the rest of the story - Did Liz taste try the gum? And who was leaving it all over the palace to begin with? What happened on vaca that Viv was going to blab about?
Danielle's work is not only a visual & humorous treat, but also sparks our own creativity in imagining the rest of the story. 

To follow along with the Danielle's  work, you can find her on Instagram @daniellekrysaart or at her website.

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