Carenly Curated Pick of the Month: May 2019 (Plus a Special Offer!)

Carenly Curated

It's that time again! A new month! Spring has Sprung, the birds are chirping- May is here! I hope it's bright and sunny where-ever you are! But, even if it is not, my Pick of the Month is sure to lift your spirits and brighten your mood. Full of cheerful colors that dance around the plane, radiating in bursts like a blooming flower garden, this month's pick is: Jubilee 

I love the colors and sense of movement in this piece and to me it just screams spring, energy and rebirth. Just as tulips & daffodils are a sign of us moving from drab winter days in to our colorful seasons, Jubilee's vibrant brushstrokes emerge from a soft-grey background and radiate with life and warmth.

So there you have it, the Carenly Curated Pick of the Month for May! But  Do you know what else is in May... Mother's Day! So why not treat your Mama (or yourself!) to a Jubilee  goodie of your own! And Best of All: Buy Any 2 Prints, Get a Free Jubilee Print from now through Mother's Day! So go on- Share the love!

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