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Originally Published: July 4, 2017

Silas by Caren Kinne, color pencil & resin on wood panel

Silas by Caren Kinne, color pencil & resin on wood panel

It's hard to believe that another 4th of July is already here! Hope everyone out there is enjoying the summer, fireworks & all things 4th of July this sunny Tuesday. As some of you readers may know, my current artwork has merged with my family tree research project that I started digging into several years ago. Little did I know what amazing people I would find in my lineage. Ten of whom, I am dedicating this posting to today.
Having grown up in Massachusetts, the Revolutionary War and colonial times were frequent topics in history classes and field trips alike. While many of my friends found it dreadfully boring, I was always quite intrigued with this time period. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon my 6-times Great Grandfather Silas, who was the first of my ancestors that I learned fought for their freedom in the Revolutionary War. Little did I know how strong my ancestral connection to American Revolution would be, on both sides of my family. So, without further ado, here are my 10 ancestors who fought, and in some cases died, in the fight for freedom:

-Silas Seward (1760-1848) Fife, CT Militia
-Brotherton Seward (1724-1776) CT Militia, Died fighting near Ft Ticonderoga, NY
- Midian Griswold (1763-1829) 7th CT Regiment, Sheldon's Dragoons, Cavalry
-Jonathan Griswold (1741-1823) Private, 5th CT Regiment
-Abel Hunt (1736-1816) 1st Lt. in Capt Hodges Company, Col.Fisher's Regiment, NY Militia
-Capt Adam Kasson (1743-1828) 3rd CT Regiment
-Asahel Humphrey Sr (1747-1827) Sgt, CT Militia, Bigelow's Artillery Co
- Solomon Heath (1741-1776) Sgt, MA 1st Berkshire Company
-Ithiel Battle (1752-1827) Private under Col John Ashley's command
-Joseph Bunnell (1733-1807) Private, CT Waterbury's State Brigade

I feel I would be remiss if I didn't also include the women who supported the cause & households while the men were away from home and at battle:

Abigail Crane Seward, Annis Wadkins Griswold, Elizabeth Weeks Griswold, Betsy Caulkins Hunt, Dolly Taft Kasson, Prudence Merrill Humphrey, Chloe Johnson Heath, Keziah Taylor Battle, & Abiah Kirby Bunnell.

So keep an eye out for these names as I continue working on my ancestry inspired portraits. Want to celebrate with "Silas"? Prints are available here.

Lastly, Thank you to all who fought for our freedom, & to those who continue to do so each day. Happy 4th of July!

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