I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

When I went to art school, I didn't know that one day I may also need a degree in computer science. As an artist today, it's not what you might imagine, of an artist working away in the studio all day long. There is a lot of time spend on the computer for things like  bookkeeping, applying to exhibits, social media presence, marketing, and keeping the online shop in tip-top shape. I had been debating with myself for a long time about changing over my website platform. The one that I had been working with was good to me, and I had used them for a long time, however there were certain features that I didn't love. And with more and more new features available with other website platforms I decided to make the jump. With a huge goal- to move my entire website and be up and live in one month.  For those of you who have never had the, ehh hemm, "pleasure" of building a website from scratch, this is a big undertaking. But alas, I got it done! And not without, you guessed it, a little help from a friend. Once I decided on the new platform that met most of my wish-list items, I employed the help of my pal Veronica, of Sharptooth Creative Services. Veronica was a wealth of information and helped me navigate the dreaded territory of website building. So long story short, it can feel sometimes as an artist that you are all alone, with out a full marketing, or IT team, (or another kind of helpful team behind you). But that is where the beauty of the internet comes in - it makes our world a little smaller, a little more accessible and you can find amazingly talented and knowledgeable people, like Veronica, to help you. And sometimes we need all the help we can get. 

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