Meet Nellie!

Character bio

Meet Nellie! The story behind the portrait.  Get to know this cute, lovable art character. And hey, who knows you just might find you have something in common with her & make yourself a new quirky little friend!
Whimsical Character art Nellie by Caren Kinne
 Meet Nellie
Pretty in pink & sugar plum hair,
She may be posh but she won't put on airs
She'll ask you to a cup of tea
Then go on a tap dancing spree!
That's the ever-wondrous Miss Nellie!

Name: Nellie
Gender: F
Hobby: Hosting Dinner Parties
Favorite Fruit: Apricots
Spirit Animal: Rabbit
Hidden Talent: Tap Dancing
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Quirky Character Art for Kids, playrooms nursery. Family Friendly Art. Nellie by Caren Kinne

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