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Studio Updates

Hey There! Popping in with a studio update, and it is a big one! My studio is closed - temporarily of course, but closed none the less.  It's for a fantastic reason- we are in the process of moving! So I have been a busy bee cleaning out my current space, organizing all my materials, packing up, prepping and painting fresh white walls. There is still some work to be done, like adding some much needed lighting and some fixing up to the floor, but it will all be fantastic when it's done. One thing I am looking forward to is the added, separate storage space I will have for my display racks and other tools that are not needed everyday, as well as storage for finished works. No more cramming it all in to one tiny room! Sadly though, it does mean that I am temporarily out of commission for a bit since everything is packed away- nary a pencil to be found! But I know it will be all worth it once it is ready, and by then I will be more than ready to dive in to art production mode! So Stay Tuned!



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