Hello! I'm Caren

A Dash of Nostalgia, A Dollop of Whimsy, A Whole Lotta Color & 100% Happiness 

Hello! I'm Caren! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Around here we like to keep things Exuberantly Whimsical... which is all about having fun, choosing joy and enjoying life. I want to brighten your day knowing that color can have a direct impact our mood & because looking at art can literally make you happier! I truly believe art helps us grow & connect universally as human beings, while also enabling us to celebrate our differences.

caren kinne artwork


Born and raised in the renowned Berkshires of western Massachusetts, I grew up immersed in a rich, artistic culture and its influence has stayed with me. It is in this same scenic countryside that I later set up my bright & cozy studio, and where we raise our little one in the community I enjoyed so much in my childhood.

When I was a kiddo, I found entertainment in drawing- whether designing my own fashion illustrations or inventing whimsical places & fantastical characters (á la Dr. Seuss, Roger Hargreaves,The Wizard of Oz & Alice in Wonderland). Looking back, I can still see the traces of these early influences, which  in a way have now come full circle- in the playfulness and nostalgic elements of my work today.

I long knew that I wanted to study fine arts in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating my studies in painting. Following that, I took numerous graduate level courses in art education. It was during my studies that I really defined my style, learning about artists who would inspire my work as well as the value that the arts play in our lives and culture.

My work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, and I’ve been honored to win several art awards.

Outside of art-making, some of my favorite things are: spending time with family & friends, my dogs Poppy & Tuggy the pug, coffee, optimism & all things retro.

So, come pull up a chair (bonus points of its retro-style), grab a coffee, & enjoy looking around!