I believe that as makers, we have a responsibility to be cognizant of the items we create and put forth into our world. The materials we use matter. I strive to be a conscious creator, and here's how:


  • It starts with progress over perfection. I don't have this all figured out- not even close. But I can commit to taking small steps in a eco-friendlier direction & continue to learn. 
  • Eliminating use of new un-friendly materials. Are there some materials that have been used in the past on original artworks that I might not use today? You betcha! And the most sustainable thing to do in that case, is to leave them be. But I also had designed a series of print on demand offerings. So,  I took the time to really research some of the materials my home-good and accessory items were being printed on, and I didn't love what I found. So, I have removed all the print on demand items that I wasn't pleased with, until I can find alternatives that use more sustainable materials. 
  • Repurposing & Upcycling: My entire earring collection is based on this idea of making old and scrap fabrics new and fresh again, so that they can be used and not end up in a landfill. Even the tiniest trimmings are saved because there is always a new creative craft idea just around the corner.
  • Thoughtful Shipping. For items that ship from my studio, I try to  minimize (new) plastic & waste on packaging materials, be it either a re-used box or compostable mailer.