Caring For Your Art

Originally Published: Sept 17, 2017


So you bought yourself (or perhaps were gifted) an amazing piece of art. Yay! Take a minute to picture it with me: Its original and unique design caught your eye. There is just something about it that truly speaks to you. Just looking at it brings you a sense of happiness. You know the colors of the artwork will go SO well with the rest of your décor. It will help add that extra touch to make your living room your own personal retreat. But before you just grab some tape (gasp!) or hammer & nails and slap that new beauty up on your wall, you really should stop to consider a few things. Like: "Do I need a frame?" Or, Is it an artwork that doesn't require or perhaps shouldn't be framed? Have you put careful thought into where in your home you are going to display your new treasure? Do you know the correct way to care for and maintain your artwork? Did you know that your answers to each of these questions can impact the overall condition of the piece?
So, before you hang it on the wall, make sure you have a plan in order to make sure that you can enjoy that special artwork for years to come. Sounds kind of daunting doesn't it? Maybe art collecting is new to you and it all seems a bit intimidating. Perhaps with all the other tasks on your busy plate, you just don't have time to scour the internet for research. Have no fear!
I have created a convenient, information-packed guide for you, called 5 Ways to Protect Your Art From Damage. And best of all? I am giving it to you for free! Yes, you read that right, FREE!
To get your hands on a copy of my guide, 5 Ways to Protect Your Art From Damage, simply click here and be on your way to caring for your art like a pro!

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