How Looking At Art Can Make You Happier

Originally Published: Feb 11, 2017

Looking at Art Can make you happier

I believe that art has the power to effect our mood. Like when an upbeat song comes on the radio and you just want to dance and sing along. Or the new adult coloring book craze that aides with stress relief and relaxation. But what about just viewing art, rather than partaking in it? Can the act of looking at art have an impact on our mood? I think it can.

There are a lot of studies in to color psychology and color theory. Enough so, so that interior designers and advertisers incorporate these studies into their designs. Think of a spa for instance. The space is decorated and designed in a purposeful way to allow visitors a relaxing environment. Likewise, hospitals often pay close attention to their decor colors  because they know that it can make a difference in patients' recoveries. Major corporations have been known to use specific colors in their branding to temp consumers in to buying their goods, by it by triggering your appetite for instance.

So naturally visual art, of which color (or planned lack there of), is a significant element, would also have the ability to impact our mood. But what if it goes even further than that?

That is exactly what neurologist, Semir Zeki looked in to in his research. In a series of tests, participants looked at a selection of 28 artworks while researchers studied the participants' brain-activity. What they found was that viewing artwork actually increased dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is one of the main chemicals responsible for feelings of happiness. Participant's dopamine levels increased so much while viewing the artwork the researches likened it to the feeling of being in love. So that you have it- scientific evidence that looking at art literally makes you happier!

So, Let's Circle That All Back Around
 I believe that art can spread happiness and that color can impact your mood and transform your space. And that my friends, is why I am on a mission to brighten walls and lives with my exuberantly whimsical art. Because life is too short not to enjoy it. And because there is plenty of sadness in world- just look at the news. So why not join me, on a journey to happyland. A journey that starts in my studio, makes a stopover on your walls and culminates in your mind's state of merriment.


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To read more about Semir Zeki's research, click here


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